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“MHMO” (Maple Hill Mini Olympics) has been topping the list of our bi-weekly Super Wednesday events in terms of popularity. This time we gave our athletes 6 stations to complete, which are plank, wall squat, sit-ups, push-ups, broad jump and vertical jump. Each station was supervised by one teacher, who would also track the results on the “completion sheet” of each participant. Time for action! Defending champion of Vertical Jump, Allen Lian, a Grade 12 student, shared the champion title with Chris Chen as they were both able to jump a jaw-dropping 2.85 meters. They received a big challenge from one of our school board members, Michal Ding, who reached 2.7 meters. The competition in plank seemed quite fierce as well. Frank Guan from Grade 10 had got his face totally flushed while he was trying his utmost to break the 3-mins record that was just created by another student a short while ago. Finally, he made it! It was 4 minutes that he could hold his body with just elbows and toes on the ground. Although there is only one champion in each competition, every student has successfully completed all 6 missions regardless of challenges, either physical or mental. The latter is much more meaningful and important, according to Maple Hill’s education philosophy. “This (activity) really saves me from tonight’s gym exercise, I just wanna collapse in bed right now!” said Larissa Mei, a Gr. 10 student, while panting heavily. Nice day!

Marshmallow Challenge

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That snowstorm is wearing off, this brainstorm is kicking off.  Maple Hill’s signature “Super Wednesday” event has come back!

After a thorough discussion among the entire faculty, we finally decided to start this year’s first such event with something that would work on the student’s creative thinking and to practice their communication skills  — The Marshmallow Challenge it is!

Blending in the knowledge of various science subjects, such as physics and mathematics, this fun activity also requires strong patience, creativity, leadership and close team collaboration. Provided with the same amount of pasta noodles, string, tape and one marshmallow, students were divided in 6 groups using  their wits to make their “pasta tower” as high as possible.

Apparently 20 minutes seemed far from enough for our students  to go through the whole process from discussion to execution, and all the way to completion. With a mixture of screaming, clamoring and laughing, the Judge, Principal Eric DiNozzi, announced the end of the game.

Although each team worked hard to make their towers as tall as possible, the group under the supervision of our humanities teacher, Mr. Dominic Lee,  emerged victorious with a tower measuring 44.5 cm from base to the top of the marshmallow.

From Sea to Sky

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From the Sea to the Sky

Delighted, excited and even thrilled, students from Maple Hill School are setting off to their first field trip of 2019 to the Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish, B.C.. Outfitted with thick snow boots and warm down jacket, our newcomers to Vancouver are geared up for this exotic adventure. Coincidentally or not, the sky even stays clear and sunny for us after several days of snow and gloomy weather in a row.

Students are arranged into five groups with a teacher leading each of the group. For most of our students, overlooking the gorgeousness of Mother Nature in a steadily raising Gondola is a first time experience. While holding tightly the railing of this moving cable car, they also strain to hear what the tour guide is introducing about the history of this historic scenic sight.

Finally the peak!

Our first destination is snowshoeing, a common type of Canadian outdoor activity that is almost completely new to all of our students from China. With the help of our warm-hearted tour guide, all the students have managed to complete a “snow march” of 50 meters with a trail of some noise and big laughter.

The entire trip culminates in snow tubing, for sure! None of the students had tried this fun game before! “It is so exciting; I keep asking the operator to spin the tube faster and harder! I enjoy the speed and the bump so much!” said Kirk Sun, one of our Gr. 12 students, even though he lost his left shoe in his first endeavor…


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Thanksgiving at Maple Hill School

This week, the theme of our signature Super Wednesday activity is Thanksgiving. Although it is not a tradition that most of our Chinese students would celebrate back in China, Maple Hill School encourages them to be more involved in Canadian culture and helps them strengthen the sense of gratitude and appreciation. For this particular event, two of our super talented teachers, even performed the song “You Raise Me Up” with a guitar ensemble, echoing the tone of great appreciation to the ones we love and thank. Our students also warmly decorated the “Thanksgiving Wall” with various notes of appreciation they wrote themselves.