Christmas Luncheon 2019

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Christmas Luncheon 2019 of Maple Hill School

Time flies, indeed. It feels the memory of the registration bustle in September is still fresh, but the whole fall semester is already coming to its end. While most students start to prepare for university application for next year, some are already graduated from high school!

To make the last day of school more memorable to those who are leaving, the Principal decided to combine the field with the Christmas/Graduation luncheon together.

According to a student survey, initialized by the MHS student council, two of the most favorable activities among our current students turned out to be badminton and Trampoline. While our badminton talents will be led to the ACE badminton gym by the Principal, those who tends to challenge trampoline will take the bus to APEX, hop around and sweat out!

Donald Zhou, who have demonstrated excellent academic performance at school, has also astonished his teachers with his “unbeatable” badminton skills. Jerry Li, who just arrived in Canada for only for 4 months, tried trampoline for the first time. “I never thought this activity could be that exhausting and challenging, it is so much fun! I’m totally soaked in sweats!” says Jerry.

Both trips end around noon, which is one hour before the Christmas luncheon at Radisson Hotel kicks off. Perfect timing for our starving kids!

Eric Di Nozzi, the Principal, gives an inspiring open speech and honors all the graduates with red-enveloped school graduation certificates. The entire ballroom is full of applauses and cheers.

The eastern-western-mixed style buffet can absolutely be the highlight of the day! While the pot roasted Canadian Beef and the Brioche Baked Pacific Cod turn out to be most popular two hot dishes among our students, the Eggnog Cheese Cake just wraps up this feast perfectly.

School is dismissed around 2:30 p.m., students still time to prepare for the final exams two days later anyway.

Maple Hill School is an accredited private high school, located in Richmond, B.C., Canada. We provide curricular choices for Gr. 9, 10, 11, and 12, including in-school academic courses and applied skills as well as at out-of-school field trips and excursions. There is a strong focus on developing character, service in our community, and cultivating an international worldview. This holistic philosophy helps students to fulfill their dreams in the multicultural context of BC universities or at post-secondary institutions throughout the world.

Biology Class

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Biology Class -Heart Dissection

There is no substitute for the hands-on learning experience of dissection. It’s qualitatively different from the learning that occurs in a lecture or from a textbook. No video, model, or diagram can replicate the enchantment and wonder of discovery that students feel when they locate actual structures in their own specimens. The hands-on learning gives students an appreciation of the complexity of the heart and the connection between the structures and their function. Using fresh hearts, that are close in size and structure to the ones beating in our own chests, provides one of the most memorable and instructive experiences in the biology classroom.

CLE Class

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Maple Hill School CLE Class Visits Downtown Vancouver

What can be a better way to implement the “BIG IDEAS” of this newly-updated Career Life Education (CLE) than taking students outside the school for a field trip and asking them to complete designated missions in downtown Vancouver on a typical bright, sunny day in Vancouver?

Under the supervision of Ms. Helen Chamber, the CLE teacher with a Cambridge education background, students are divided into four groups, each of which needs to explore at least 3 locations and interview random workers with career-related questions. Each student was equipped with well-designed worksheets and they are supposed to fill them all out before returning them to Ms. Chamber.

Exciting, yet challenging, our students are driven to work on all the questions, although eventually realizing it is not such “a piece of cake” as anticipated.

“It is absolutely rare for me to start a conversation with a person I don’t know, but today I did it! It turned out to be not as hard as I imagined before, people were super nice to me! It’s a great experience to me, for sure,” says Shirley Wang, one of the CLE students in Grade 10.

Maple Hill School has been implementing the new B.C new curriculum since July of 2018. The initiative of taking our CLE class outside school is intended for enabling students to demonstrate inclusive, respectful and safe interactions in diverse career-life environments, as well as helping them explore and connect experiential learning both inside and outside of school with possible and preferred career-life pathways.

Nice day!


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Graduation Ceremony of 2019 April

April 26 saw Maple Hill School celebrate the graduation of its April and July graduates. Graduating students and their guests celebrated their accomplishments on the Harbour Princess. The Harbour Princess took the graduates on a tour around Downtown and into Deep Cove in North Vancouver. Graduates were presented with diplomas and gifts while all enjoyed a salmon lunch accompanied with breathtaking views. Lucily the weather cooperated and many great photos were able to be taken in the West Coast sun.

2019/20 Preliminary Funding Rates – Updated(test post)

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Please be advised that the 2019/20 school year Preliminary Funding Rates for Independent Schools has been updated (please see attached PDF).

As preliminary funding allocations are based on preliminary funding rates, actual funding amounts may vary once the December recalculated rates are available. Should you have any questions, please contact the Independent Schools Branch at:


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“MHMO” (Maple Hill Mini Olympics) has been topping the list of our bi-weekly Super Wednesday events in terms of popularity. This time we gave our athletes 6 stations to complete, which are plank, wall squat, sit-ups, push-ups, broad jump and vertical jump. Each station was supervised by one teacher, who would also track the results on the “completion sheet” of each participant. Time for action! Defending champion of Vertical Jump, Allen Lian, a Grade 12 student, shared the champion title with Chris Chen as they were both able to jump a jaw-dropping 2.85 meters. They received a big challenge from one of our school board members, Michal Ding, who reached 2.7 meters. The competition in plank seemed quite fierce as well. Frank Guan from Grade 10 had got his face totally flushed while he was trying his utmost to break the 3-mins record that was just created by another student a short while ago. Finally, he made it! It was 4 minutes that he could hold his body with just elbows and toes on the ground. Although there is only one champion in each competition, every student has successfully completed all 6 missions regardless of challenges, either physical or mental. The latter is much more meaningful and important, according to Maple Hill’s education philosophy. “This (activity) really saves me from tonight’s gym exercise, I just wanna collapse in bed right now!” said Larissa Mei, a Gr. 10 student, while panting heavily. Nice day!

Marshmallow Challenge

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That snowstorm is wearing off, this brainstorm is kicking off.  Maple Hill’s signature “Super Wednesday” event has come back!

After a thorough discussion among the entire faculty, we finally decided to start this year’s first such event with something that would work on the student’s creative thinking and to practice their communication skills  — The Marshmallow Challenge it is!

Blending in the knowledge of various science subjects, such as physics and mathematics, this fun activity also requires strong patience, creativity, leadership and close team collaboration. Provided with the same amount of pasta noodles, string, tape and one marshmallow, students were divided in 6 groups using  their wits to make their “pasta tower” as high as possible.

Apparently 20 minutes seemed far from enough for our students  to go through the whole process from discussion to execution, and all the way to completion. With a mixture of screaming, clamoring and laughing, the Judge, Principal Eric DiNozzi, announced the end of the game.

Although each team worked hard to make their towers as tall as possible, the group under the supervision of our humanities teacher, Mr. Dominic Lee,  emerged victorious with a tower measuring 44.5 cm from base to the top of the marshmallow.