Christmas Luncheon 2019 of Maple Hill School

Time flies, indeed. It feels the memory of the registration bustle in September is still fresh, but the whole fall semester is already coming to its end. While most students start to prepare for university application for next year, some are already graduated from high school!

To make the last day of school more memorable to those who are leaving, the Principal decided to combine the field with the Christmas/Graduation luncheon together.

According to a student survey, initialized by the MHS student council, two of the most favorable activities among our current students turned out to be badminton and Trampoline. While our badminton talents will be led to the ACE badminton gym by the Principal, those who tends to challenge trampoline will take the bus to APEX, hop around and sweat out!

Donald Zhou, who have demonstrated excellent academic performance at school, has also astonished his teachers with his “unbeatable” badminton skills. Jerry Li, who just arrived in Canada for only for 4 months, tried trampoline for the first time. “I never thought this activity could be that exhausting and challenging, it is so much fun! I’m totally soaked in sweats!” says Jerry.

Both trips end around noon, which is one hour before the Christmas luncheon at Radisson Hotel kicks off. Perfect timing for our starving kids!

Eric Di Nozzi, the Principal, gives an inspiring open speech and honors all the graduates with red-enveloped school graduation certificates. The entire ballroom is full of applauses and cheers.

The eastern-western-mixed style buffet can absolutely be the highlight of the day! While the pot roasted Canadian Beef and the Brioche Baked Pacific Cod turn out to be most popular two hot dishes among our students, the Eggnog Cheese Cake just wraps up this feast perfectly.

School is dismissed around 2:30 p.m., students still time to prepare for the final exams two days later anyway.

Maple Hill School is an accredited private high school, located in Richmond, B.C., Canada. We provide curricular choices for Gr. 9, 10, 11, and 12, including in-school academic courses and applied skills as well as at out-of-school field trips and excursions. There is a strong focus on developing character, service in our community, and cultivating an international worldview. This holistic philosophy helps students to fulfill their dreams in the multicultural context of BC universities or at post-secondary institutions throughout the world.