Maple Hill School CLE Class Visits Downtown Vancouver

What can be a better way to implement the “BIG IDEAS” of this newly-updated Career Life Education (CLE) than taking students outside the school for a field trip and asking them to complete designated missions in downtown Vancouver on a typical bright, sunny day in Vancouver?

Under the supervision of Ms. Helen Chamber, the CLE teacher with a Cambridge education background, students are divided into four groups, each of which needs to explore at least 3 locations and interview random workers with career-related questions. Each student was equipped with well-designed worksheets and they are supposed to fill them all out before returning them to Ms. Chamber.

Exciting, yet challenging, our students are driven to work on all the questions, although eventually realizing it is not such “a piece of cake” as anticipated.

“It is absolutely rare for me to start a conversation with a person I don’t know, but today I did it! It turned out to be not as hard as I imagined before, people were super nice to me! It’s a great experience to me, for sure,” says Shirley Wang, one of the CLE students in Grade 10.

Maple Hill School has been implementing the new B.C new curriculum since July of 2018. The initiative of taking our CLE class outside school is intended for enabling students to demonstrate inclusive, respectful and safe interactions in diverse career-life environments, as well as helping them explore and connect experiential learning both inside and outside of school with possible and preferred career-life pathways.

Nice day!