Life on campus

    Life is colourful when you study in Canada, it is more so at Maple Hill. Students not only can choose the courses that fit or interest them most, but also can partificaple in a variety of joyful volunteering activities. They are open to a distinctive life in Vancouver, the “Capital of Fashion in North America”.

Volunteering Activity

      Maple Hill not only has a strong focus on academic performance, but also lays emphasis on a comprehensive character development, a good example of which is offering volunteering opportunities. By actively participating in community services, such food bank, students will eventually comprehend the meaning of appreciation and paying back to society, enhance abilities of leadership, as well as achieve a better understanding of responsibility and the virtue of teamwork. In particular, reference letter of social activities plays a significant role in top-tier university application in the education system of North America. Therefore, we will regularly take our students out of campus to real society and accumulate social experience.

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Student Show

         Being exposed to a different living atmosphere, international students have new experience every day. They are writing their own stories every day. At Maple Hill, we will record their moments on at school and share their experiences for students who are still planning to come to Canada.

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Field of Arts

          It is far from enough to enter a top-tier university in Canada solely with excellent academic performance, experience in sport or cultural activities plays a significant role in it as well. At Maple Hill, students can carry out their favorite activities and make good use of their talents. In such a way, not only can they enrich their school life, but also enhance their capabilities of communications and socialization.