From the Sea to the Sky

Delighted, excited and even thrilled, students from Maple Hill School are setting off to their first field trip of 2019 to the Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish, B.C.. Outfitted with thick snow boots and warm down jacket, our newcomers to Vancouver are geared up for this exotic adventure. Coincidentally or not, the sky even stays clear and sunny for us after several days of snow and gloomy weather in a row.

Students are arranged into five groups with a teacher leading each of the group. For most of our students, overlooking the gorgeousness of Mother Nature in a steadily raising Gondola is a first time experience. While holding tightly the railing of this moving cable car, they also strain to hear what the tour guide is introducing about the history of this historic scenic sight.

Finally the peak!

Our first destination is snowshoeing, a common type of Canadian outdoor activity that is almost completely new to all of our students from China. With the help of our warm-hearted tour guide, all the students have managed to complete a “snow march” of 50 meters with a trail of some noise and big laughter.

The entire trip culminates in snow tubing, for sure! None of the students had tried this fun game before! “It is so exciting; I keep asking the operator to spin the tube faster and harder! I enjoy the speed and the bump so much!” said Kirk Sun, one of our Gr. 12 students, even though he lost his left shoe in his first endeavor…