All students from Maple Hill School participated in our activity day held November 22nd, 2018. First, we all took the Canda Line to Waterfront, and from there we made our way to Fly-Over-Canada, located at Canada Place.

At the venue, students and staff enjoyed a full immersion 4-D Imax experience; a simulated flight over Canada, visiting all the beautiful landscapes and eye-opening urban settings Canada has to offer.

Later we enjoyed a shared lunch at a local food court, after which we visited the traditional Vancouver Christmas Market.

At the market students and staff enjoyed cultural bathing in German-themed Christmas shopping and food tasting, an in spite of the cold and rain, students endured, shopped and took pictures of beautiful Christmas decorations and crafts.

After a very tiring activity day we all decided it was time to go home, so we hopped back on the Canada Line back to our school from where everyone went home for a deserved rest.