What activity can be more enjoyable

to do on Maple Hill’s Volunteering day than decorating classrooms to meet the coming Lunar Year of Pig? Grouped by their homerooms, students are provided with all kinds of materials and tools to draw on their talents and imagination. The group determined to have the best room from the judge (our principal Mr. Di Nozzi), is able to receive two extra volunteering hours on their record.

While some “calligraphers” use Chinese characters to decorate the walls, other talented students prefer to make paper-cuts of Chinese red lanterns, hanging on the door frames. Nonetheless, what grabs the most attention of the entire faculty is an amazing piece of traditional Chinese painting of Panda, elaborated by Jamie Chen, who is particularly specializing in fine arts. Of course, thanks to her, she and her “coworkers” are rewarded 2 extra volunteering hours!