That snowstorm is wearing off, this brainstorm is kicking off.  Maple Hill’s signature “Super Wednesday” event has come back!

After a thorough discussion among the entire faculty, we finally decided to start this year’s first such event with something that would work on the student’s creative thinking and to practice their communication skills  — The Marshmallow Challenge it is!

Blending in the knowledge of various science subjects, such as physics and mathematics, this fun activity also requires strong patience, creativity, leadership and close team collaboration. Provided with the same amount of pasta noodles, string, tape and one marshmallow, students were divided in 6 groups using  their wits to make their “pasta tower” as high as possible.

Apparently 20 minutes seemed far from enough for our students  to go through the whole process from discussion to execution, and all the way to completion. With a mixture of screaming, clamoring and laughing, the Judge, Principal Eric DiNozzi, announced the end of the game.

Although each team worked hard to make their towers as tall as possible, the group under the supervision of our humanities teacher, Mr. Dominic Lee,  emerged victorious with a tower measuring 44.5 cm from base to the top of the marshmallow.