“MHMO” (Maple Hill Mini Olympics) has been topping the list of our bi-weekly Super Wednesday events in terms of popularity. This time we gave our athletes 6 stations to complete, which are plank, wall squat, sit-ups, push-ups, broad jump and vertical jump. Each station was supervised by one teacher, who would also track the results on the “completion sheet” of each participant. Time for action! Defending champion of Vertical Jump, Allen Lian, a Grade 12 student, shared the champion title with Chris Chen as they were both able to jump a jaw-dropping 2.85 meters. They received a big challenge from one of our school board members, Michal Ding, who reached 2.7 meters. The competition in plank seemed quite fierce as well. Frank Guan from Grade 10 had got his face totally flushed while he was trying his utmost to break the 3-mins record that was just created by another student a short while ago. Finally, he made it! It was 4 minutes that he could hold his body with just elbows and toes on the ground. Although there is only one champion in each competition, every student has successfully completed all 6 missions regardless of challenges, either physical or mental. The latter is much more meaningful and important, according to Maple Hill’s education philosophy. “This (activity) really saves me from tonight’s gym exercise, I just wanna collapse in bed right now!” said Larissa Mei, a Gr. 10 student, while panting heavily. Nice day!