School Features

      At Maple Hill School, students will enjoy individual attention during their secondary education.The assistance from student advisers will enable our students to enjoy success with their studies and with adapting to life in Canada.In this way, not only will their parents feel confident that their teenagers will do well at Maple Hill School, but the students themselves will excel during their study in Canada.

Study Adviser


Maple Hill School provides our students with a strong academic curriculum and a wide range of programs and services to meet their diverse needs and interests.   It is important to know that Maple Hill School staff and students believe strongly that when students come together from other parts of the world, they learn from each other and everyone’s learning experience increases.  From this experiential learning comes understanding and appreciation of diversity.

To assist students adapt to and embrace this diversity, we assign a study advisor who provides friendship, helps with adjustment to Canadian culture, initiates connection to their peers if needed, gives guidance with homework, tracks their academic progress and helps them anytime the student encounters academic problems and needs to find solutions.  The study advisor also is part of the team that helps the student with planning and setting goals for post-secondary education.

Student Affairs Adviser

Maple Hill School knows that parents are concerned about their children’s well-being when they are away from home.  Our team of staff ensures that a student is well taken care of from the moment they arrive in Canada.  A staff member will pick them up at the airport, set up the homestay, arrange a local guardian, introduce them to a family doctor, give assistance in getting a sim card, a bank card, transportation card (Compass), medical insurance cards, etc.  We have a Newcomer’s Guide for each new student and one of our staff will be happy to work through that booklet with them.

Furthermore, Maple Hill School offers our students a variety of homestay options, ranging from two beds in one room with shared washroom to one bedroom with private washroom. Our customized service also includes driving students to school and picking them up. A staff member will walk the new student through all of these steps.



Room Type Room Area Rent
Single Bedroom + Shared Washroom 10 Sq. meters 1,100 - 1,300C$/Month
Single Bedroom with Private Washroom 10-14 Sq. meters 1,300 - 1,500C$/Month
Single Master Bedroom with Private Washroom 20 Sq. meters 1,500 - 1,700C$/Month

*All the accommodations above are in rooms within a home.

Service includes:
1. Three meals a day will be served for all homestay students, including lunch.
2. Additional C$500 - 900 per month will be charged for the customised service of driving students to school and picking them up. The exact charge will depend on the frequency of the service.

1. At least two months are recommended to make a reservation for homestay, C$200 application fee will be charged and will be deducted from the service fee of the first month.
2. All the homestay locations are adjacent to bus stops and skytrain stations, with about 5-minute walk between each other. There is less than 15 mins’ driving from our school to all homestay locations.

Parents-School interaction

In order to assist parents to keep up to date on the progress of their teenagers, our school has established a communication system where the parents may check the marks and assignments on MyEdBC, the student information system.  Teachers can also communicate with parents, and parents with teachers via this system or by email.  Our student affairs advisers can also help in this communication process.  The education of adolescents is far from just the process of “teaching” and “learning”; it requires the collective efforts of parents, school, teachers, and advisers.