Our School

             The Metro Vancouver area of the province of British Columbia provides the spectacular backdrop of snow-capped mountains and the beautiful waters of the Pacific Ocean. Maple Hill School is well situated for international students to enjoy these surroundings while focusing on their high school education. Maple Hill School provides curricular choices for Gr. 10, 11, and 12, including in-school academic courses and applied skills as well as at out-of-school field trips and excursions. There is a strong focus on developing character, service in our community, and cultivating an international worldview. This holistic philosophy helps students to fulfill their dreams in the multicultural context of BC universities or at post-secondary institutions throughout the world.

Message from the Principal

The maple leaf is an important symbol in Canada, and that is why we have incorporated the maple leaf into our school logo, representing opportunities and possibilities for students from around the world to come to Canada to receive the education of a lifetime.

Maple Hill School is a fully accredited high school in British Columbia, staffed by experienced administration and certified teachers.  Students are provided with curricular choices and ELL assistance to prepare them for post-secondary education right here in BC or around the world.

We understand that international students can feel isolated and unsure of themselves in a new country, so we provide student affairs advisors to assist with curricular advice, help with homework, and a network of activities including community service, sports, and other events so that the students feel at home even though they’re away from home.  These extra-curricular activities and responsibilities not only help to broaden the students’ experience but to provide a comprehensive portfolio when applying for universities.

A beautiful legend about the maple leaf says that catching a dropping maple leaf will bring you luck.  We are happy to extend to you an experience of “catching” an educational experience at Maple Hill School that will bring good fortune for a lifetime.

— Eric Di Nozzi

Management Team

Mr. Doug Lauson
Senior Consultant

Mr. Lauson is in his 13th year as President of the Federation of Independent School Associations of British Columbia (FISA BC), which covers the 350+ independent schools in B.C. With over 40 years’ experience in education, Mr. Lauson is a real sophisticated expert in education.

Mr. Di Nozzi

With two Bachelor’s Degrees in English Literature and Education respectively, Mr. Di Nozzi has been both teaching and Principal-ing actively since 2013. From the city of Changchun in China to the province of British Columbia in Canada, Mr. Di Nozzi has been bringing his advanced teaching skills and rich experience in education leadership to a variety of student groups. He has direct experience working with First Nation learners as well as International students.

Mr. Aaron Godbout
Vice Principal

Vice Principal of Maple Hill School. Apart from being a native speaker of English, Aaron is also excellent at Spanish and has 4 years’ experience of teaching English in Chile. During his long years of teaching courses, such as IELTS, TOEFL, SAT and TESOL, Aaron has employed unique methodologies for international students to quickly and efficiently improve English.

Ms. Gloria Xiao
CEO of Maple Hill International Education Inc.

With a Master’s degree in Business Administration from UK, Gloria had been working as the senior manager in an international educational organization since 2006. She is now the CEO of Maple Hill International Education Inc.

Faculty Members

Dominic Lee
Vice Principal
English and Social Studies Teacher

Dominic has degrees at UBC both on Arts and Education. With extensive working experience in Hong Kong and Australia, he is apt at understanding the requests from international students and communicating efficiently to solve problems individually. Apart from his excellence at English and Social Studies teaching, Dominic also focuses on cultivating students’ ability of leadership, creative thinking, teamwork and other comprehensive qualities.

Jivan Kumar Rajput
Science teacher

BC Certified Teacher.A self-starter, flexible and nurturing educator providing motivation and direction to students to successfully learn. Twenty years of experience as a Math, Physics & Chemistry teacher. Excellent in assisting students by researching and incorporating effective methods and materials as well as providing individualized support. Fostering an exciting and engaging environment by utilizing hands-on activities, fun experiments and real life connections.

Floyd Bardell
Science Teacher

With dual UBC Bachelor’s degrees in Cell Biology and Education, Mr. Bardell has been teaching high school science and tutoring English for international students for 13 years. Apart from being a B.C certified teacher, Mr. Bardell also served as a rugby coach for 2 years between 2014 and 2015 and has been coaching professional curling at Vancouver Curling Club since 2016.


Gabriela Peana

English and Arts Teacher

BCTF licensed teacher since 2010. Bachelor’s degree in secondary education from UBC 2010. Bachelor’s degree in “Media Art’s” from Emily Carr University in 2007. Professional artist with almost 10 years experience teaching Art 10-12, Ceramics 10, Photography 11-12 and Fashion Design. Gabriela is a passionate teacher and an avid learner, who strives to pass that passion for education on to all her students. 

Chen Fan
Math Teacher

Chen Fan obtained his Bachelor’s degree of Science at UBC and achieved his teaching certificate in 2018. He has over five years of experiences helping high school and university students with Mathematics and Sciences as a tutor; he also participated in volunteer teaching activities in both Canada and China during his time as an university student. Chen is able to deliver mathematical and science concepts effectively to the students while identifying each student’s weakness; and he is determined to get every student in class involved in the learning process.

Helen Chambers
English and Career life teacher

Helen graduated from Cambridge University in England, where she also undertook her teacher training. Helen’s major is Classics – the study of the languages, literature, thought, history, society and culture of Ancient Greece and Rome. This broad academic discipline overlaps with many other subject areas, most notably English Language Arts. Helen taught for nearly 10 years in several high-performing independent schools in England, before immigrating into Canada in 2015. Since living in BC, Helen worked for several years in various operations and human resources management roles, but realized that working with young people in education is much more enjoyable and rewarding!

School Features

At Maple Hill School, students will enjoy individual attention during their secondary education.The assistance from student advisers will enable our students to enjoy success with their studies and with adapting to life in Canada.In this way, not only will their parents feel confident that their teenagers will do well at Maple Hill School, but the students themselves will excel during their study in Canada.

Study Adviser

Maple Hill School provides our students with a strong academic curriculum and a wide range of programs and services to meet their diverse needs and interests. It is important to know that Maple Hill School staff and students believe strongly that when students come together from other parts of the world, they learn from each other and everyone’s learning experience increases. From this experiential learning comes understanding and appreciation of diversity. To assist students adapt to and embrace this diversity, we assign a study advisor who provides friendship, helps with adjustment to Canadian culture, initiates connection to their peers if needed, gives guidance with homework, tracks their academic progress and helps them anytime the student encounters academic problems and needs to find solutions. The study advisor also is part of the team that helps the student with planning and setting goals for post-secondary education.

Student Affairs Adviser

Maple Hill School knows that parents are concerned about their children’s well-being when they are away from home. Our team of staff ensures that a student is well taken care of from the moment they arrive in Canada. A staff member will pick them up at the airport, set up the homestay, arrange a local guardian, introduce them to a family doctor, give assistance in getting a sim card, a bank card, transportation card (Compass), medical insurance cards, etc. We have a Newcomer’s Guide for each new student and one of our staff will be happy to work through that booklet with them. Furthermore, Maple Hill School offers our students a variety of homestay options, ranging from two beds in one room with shared washroom to one bedroom with private washroom. Our customized service also includes driving students to school and picking them up. A staff member will walk the new student through all of these steps.